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Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

A/C or Heat not working

Dirty air filters are the leading cause of a/c or heat issues- restriction of air flow puts increase strain on these systems, which in turn increases your utility bills. Make sure you change your air filters every 90 days on most systems or as needed by your HVAC system's needs. This should be outlines in your lease. Even window a/c units have filters that need to be removed and cleaned regularly. If you're a/c unit is blowing- but not cooling, first check your thermostat settings then check to see if the outside condenser unit is running or not. The outside condenser unit must be running in order to provide cooling and many times a simple power surge can cause the breaker to trip on these units. If the unit is not running, locate your breaker panel and see if breakers are marked- if not then simply turn each breaker to the off position – then back to the on position, one at a time. Check to see if the outside condenser unit starts running. Some properties have a disconnect breaker located outside next to the condenser unit as well- check that to make sure it has not tripped. Heating is similar but you could have gas forced air heating. If your property has gas service – you probably have gas furnace for heating. If your unit is electric heat – check thermostat settings then check to see if any breakers have tripped before placing a maintenance request. These simple items can get you're a/c or heat back in operation quickly.


Pest Control is Tenant responsibility per your lease. if you have a bug problem and if you are signed up for the P2 pest control program through our office, then simply call Skyline Pest Solutions at 404-975-8489 for a service visit. The will come out and spray your property at no additional charge. If you feel you have a rodent issue, please place a maintenance request.

Dishwasher leaking- not draining

Random dishwasher leaks normally occur if an improper soap has been used. If you have been using your dishwasher successfully and a leak appears- first make sure no liquid type soap was inadvertently placed in dishwasher- run the dishwasher empty and place a small amount of vinegar inside. This acts as a cleaning agent and can correct issues with dishwashers in many cases. You can also purchase a dishwasher cleaning agent from most grocery stores that basically does the same thing.

Dishwashers drain into the side of the garbage disposal in many cases. Should debris from the disposal clog up the drain line connection, water will not drain out of the dishwasher properly. Also the drain hose under the sink should be looped up higher at one point than the connection to the disposal – this prevents siphoning back down into the dishwasher from the sink drain piping.

Also, on occasion, food particles from your dishes just simply clog the drain in the bottom of the dishwasher, please make sure the drain hole in the dishwasher is clear.

And, once in a while, when you close the dishwasher door to start a cleaning cycle, something will get caught in the gasket between the door and the dishwasher unit itself. If this happens, it causes a gap that can allow water to leak from the door. Simply clear the foreign object and the gasket should create a seal and prevent the leak.

Disposal not working

Watch this video, or read the text below.

Garbage disposals can at times hang themselves up and quit working, sometimes by lack of use. This is very simple to correct. If you turn on your disposal switch – then hear a humming sound – turn off the switch – the motor is hung up. Disposals come with an Allen wrench tool that fits in a hole in the center of the underside of disposal. This will allow the mechanism to be turned and un-stuck. If the Allen wrench tool is not under the sink, you can obtain one at most hardware stores. Once the motor is free and turning, you can again turn on the power switch to see if disposal will run again.

If the disposal is not responding at all to the power switch, then it has tripped the internal motor breaker switch, which is also located on the bottom side of disposal. This is usually a red button just off-center of the Allen wrench hole. Simply press the switch in to reset and try power switch again. When a disposal has been hung up, it is best to run hot water while it is running after the repair.

Drains backing up

If you are experiencing slow or drains backing up- always try to use plunger on particular drain first in order to free up any local blockage in the drain line. Should you have a major drain line blockage affecting entire property – discontinue use of dishwasher or laundry/washer since these send a lot of water down a drain at once – then submit maintenance request to our office.

Garage Door/opener

If you are having issues with a garage door not wanting to close all the way- check to see if you have the safety-eye sensors at the bottom of each rail. These sometimes get dirty, blocked by leaves or knocked out of alignment. Once the sensors are readjusted – the opener should function properly.

If this does not take care of it – most garage door openers can be disengaged and the door operated manually until a contractor can visit and repair the system. The garage door opener should have a carriage which usually has a rope attached to it. Pull down on the rope in order to disengage the garage door opener carriage from the track in order to put the garage door into manual operation. The door should either be completely open or completely closed before you disengage the door from the track.

Loss of Partial Power to property

Most instances of power loss are due to tripped circuit breakers. Make sure you are aware of where your property's breaker panel is located in case this happens. Some properties can have multiple breaker panels. These could be located in different locations such as garages, closets and even outside the property near the electric meter. Sometimes breakers do not appear tripped and the only way to reset a circuit is to make sure the breaker is turned completely to the "OFF" position – then back to the "ON" position, otherwise the circuit will not reset.

Another possible issue is with a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). These circuts are normally used for bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor outlets and garages. One of the outlets in this circuit has the "Test/Reset" buttons right on the outlet. A tripped GFCI outlet can affect multiple locations in a property. If you have outlets or lights/fixtures that quit working- look for this GFCI outlet. Press the reset button on the outlet to reset the circuit. Some circuit breakers in the breaker box even have this GFCI feature right on the actual breaker as well. If you do reset a breaker or a GFCI outlet and it continues to trip, do not try it again and please place a maintenance request.

Finally, on occasion we get calls about appliances or fixtures that are not working. Please, before you make a maintenance request, check to make sure it is plugged in. If it is not, plug it in and do not tell any of your friends.

Smoke Detectors

There are several different types of smoke detectors, most which have a 9 volt battery power source or back-up. You should change these batteries twice a year and best time to remember to do this is when clocks are changed for Daylight Savings Time. Some smoke detectors have ten year batteries in them. The detector should be labeled. If this type of detector is chirping, please place a maintenance request immediately.

If your smoke detector chirps occasionally by itself – then most likely the battery needs to be replaced. DO NOT JUST REMOVE THE BATTERY FROM THESE DEVICES, ALWAYS REPLACE THEM - THE LIFE YOU SAVE COULD BE YOUR OWN!

According to your lease, and smart practice, you must test the smoke detector once per month to assure the detector is in good working order. Please press the button on the exterior of the detector to make sure it is working properly. Watch your ears – it will be a very loud sound when the test is successful. If you have any questions, contact the office to speak to maintenance.

Water Heater not working/leaking

There are 2 types of water heaters, electric and gas operated. Electric water heaters are on a dedicated circuit, meaning there is a circuit breaker designated specifically for the water heater- check to make sure this breaker has not tripped. If it has tripped, reset the breaker.

Gas water heaters have a pilot light function and instructions for these are located right on the water heater. Follow the instructions in order to re-light the pilot for water heater. There are both closed and open pilot light systems. If the heater has an open flame system (meaning it is not enclosed behind a glass enclosure, please make a maintenance request for the office to send out a technician to light the heater.

If you notice a water heater leaking in any way from the tank - turn off the water supply valve located on top of the water heater. Then submit a maintenance request AND contact the office immediately. If it is a valve with a slow leak, please place a bucket and/or towels at the site and make an immediate maintenance request.

Water leak appearing

Should you notice water leaks appearing anywhere inside the property- first try to locate the source of the leak and, if possible, turn off the water supply valve. These are located under sink cabinets, next to toilets usually below the tank and on top of water heaters. If you are unable to locate the valve at the water supply source – contact the office immediately.

If you locate the valve and can shut the water off, then do so and place a maintenance request.

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